Pictures of our house

Our duplex

We live on the left side of the duplex

The round-about in front of our house and looking down the street

Looking up the street

The back porch - right side

The porch - left side

The porch

Steps from the backyard going up to the porch

Looking at the back of the house from the yard

The side yard

The corner of the back yard

The corner of the side yard

The carport and the steps from the front of the house

The side of the house and the door to the basement apartment
(notice how we exhaust our dryer vent)

Side of the house

Entering the house - bathroom is to the right
Through the door you enter into the house

Half bath in the entrance area

Half bath

Our make shift pantry and shoe area
(German houses normally don't have kitchens or pantries built in to the house)

Curtain over pantry to the left and the coat rack