More pictures

After the entry way you come to the dining room

Dining room with kitchen in the background

The wine collection
(the little bottles on the top are called ice wine (eiswein) and normally sell
for more than $100 in the US- very sweet)

The loveseat table to help seperate the dining room from the living room

The living room

Decorations over the couch

The chair in front of the large sliding glass door which is behind the green curtain

The entertainment center and fireplace

The fireplace

The pretty scene from the fireplace when lit up

Entering the kitchen

The kitchen (this is considered a built-in kitchen as most
Germans will bring their own cabinets with them when they move)

The German refrigerator - you can see why they
go to the market every day - it's really small

The other side of the kitchen (Thank goodness the Air Force gave
us a Refrigerator to use while we are here)

The pretty border and curtains

The small oven

The small sink

The pretty cabinets

Mike's office under the steps to the first floor

Steps going up to the first floor

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